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Online surveys – top 10 assumptions to avoid

Posted on by James

When considering some of the recent online surveys that I’ve seen or been involved in setting up, I’m reminded of the saying: Never assume. It makes an ass of u … Continue reading

Don’t just sit there – debate!

Posted on by James

I love argument, I love debate. I don’t expect anyone just to sit there and agree with me, that’s not their job. Margaret Thatcher Debate and discussion are vital to … Continue reading

Screen Reader Survey results

Posted on by James

WebAIM have recently published the results of their Survey of Screen Reader user preferences. There’s already been a lot of coverage of the results, but I’ve summed up a few … Continue reading

Screen Reader survey

Posted on by James

WebAIM are conducting a survey of the preferences of Screen Reader users. “If you are a full-time, part-time, or even occasional screen reader user, please take a few minutes to … Continue reading

Survey Monkey useful features

Posted on by James

I’ve been using Survey Monkey within my organisation for two months now (see my original post about its accessibility, which I’m still looking into). I must say I’ve been very … Continue reading

UK accessibility survey

Posted on by James

A UK taskforce of charities and associations has launched a survey to find out about ICT Accessibility awareness and practices. The initial aim is to produce an ICT Accessibility Business … Continue reading

Survey Monkey accessibility

Posted on by James

I’ve been approached to take on some responsibilities for my organisation’s Survey Monkey account. Survey Monkey claims that it has a single purpose: “to enable anyone to create professional online … Continue reading

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