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Thinking Mobile First

Posted on by James

Completing my trilogy of posts on how to improve the mobile web experience, here’s some advice for turning the whole thing on its head and thinking mobile first. Continue reading

Achieving the mobile web standard

Posted on by James

I recently attended Socitm’s “Learning from Better connected” event in London – a conference reporting on the key findings from the annual survey of all UK local authority websites – to present our findings in relation to using council websites on mobile devices. Continue reading

Confessions of a Better connected reviewer

Posted on by James

Last summer I joined the team responsible for conducting the annual Better connected survey of local gov websites, published today. Find out how I got on. Continue reading

Prioritising web accessibility – a flawed approach?

Posted on by James

Last week, the Society of IT Managers (SOCITM) released the findings of their annual report on all UK Council websites – Better Connected 2012: a snapshot of all local authority websites. One thing in particular caught my eye in the report which I thought was worthy of a quick post. It was a recommendation relating to accessibility. Continue reading

Better Connected 2010 – comparing the 4 star homepages

Posted on by James

As we’re currently considering designs for our organisation’s new website homepage, I thought it would be interesting to bring together all of the 11 local authority websites which were awarded … Continue reading

Better Connected 2010 and the changing web

Posted on by James

Hot on the heels of their (always hotly debated) annual report on the state of local government websites (Better Connected 2010), we were pleased to welcome SOCITM reviewer John Fox … Continue reading

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