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Virtual Backpack

Posted on by James

Last week I met with the company behind Virtual Backpack – a new service which offers safe, secure online storage of vital info such as passport details, national insurance numbers … Continue reading

Hard lessons in social media: Online polls

Posted on by James

I’ve just updated my list of social media lessons learned the hard way with details of an online poll which appears to have backfired. In summary, part of a multi-million … Continue reading

Back in business

Posted on by James

Some of you may have noticed that my blog and portfolio sites were down yesterday following an attack by hackers. I was delighted to find out today that the attack … Continue reading

Twitter adds account verification

Posted on by James

Just days after my post on the risks of cybersquatting in Social Media, Twitter have annouced that they are beta-testing account verification. According to the official statement, to “prevent identity … Continue reading

Cybersquatting 2.0 – protecting your name in Social Media

Posted on by James

The rise and rise of Social Networking Sites has brought about new risks to an organisation’s online brand, but whilst my last post explored Web 2.0 mistakes which organisation could … Continue reading

Google Docs and security

Posted on by James

A colleague recently asked me about Google Docs, wanting to know if it would be suitable to share documents within the organisation. She had heard that other Council’s were using … Continue reading

The benefits of a false identity

Posted on by James

I’m not saying that we should all be using false identities all the time, but my practice of occasionally giving a fake name, date of birth and address seems to … Continue reading

Survey Monkey useful features

Posted on by James

I’ve been using Survey Monkey within my organisation for two months now (see my original post about its accessibility, which I’m still looking into). I must say I’ve been very … Continue reading

Google Analytics – the risks of 3rd party script

Posted on by James

The Register has recently reported on the potential security vulnerability of using Google Analytics, and as we use this for various sites I thought it worth exploring a little further, … Continue reading

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