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6 social media pitfalls, and how to avoid them

Posted on by James

A summary of some social media sessions I ran at a recent housing conference. My key message was not “don’t do it” but rather “do it properly”. Continue reading

A Facebook dilemma – one account or two?

Posted on by James

Should you use your existing personal Facebook account for work purposes, or set up a separate professional profile? Help me solve this riddle. Continue reading

Facebook in the public sector – lunchtime digest

Posted on by James

Today I’m reporting from an event in Glasgow exploring the use of Facebook in the public sector. We’re enjoying an impressive line up of folk doing some great stuff with the social media platform de rigueur.

You can follow the proceedings via the hashtag #fbps12. If you’ve struggled to keep up, though, here’s a short “lunchtime digest” of the morning so far. Continue reading

5 things to leave out of a social media proposal

Posted on by James

In my organisation, staff are normally asked to write a short proposal before they can set up an official social media account. This works quite well – it means they … Continue reading

Getting social media right (or, how NOT to do Facebook)

Posted on by James

How far we’ve come. Not that long ago, many of us felt like we faced an insurmountable brick wall. Social media remained a black art in so many organisations – … Continue reading

Social Media awards for revamped youth parliament campaign

Posted on by James

Last year we won a number of accolades for our use of social media to promote the 2009 Scottish Youth Parliament elections. I blogged at the time that we would … Continue reading

Final accolade for Youth Parliament elections campaign

Posted on by James

Our highly successful social media campaign to promote the Scottish Youth Parliament elections in 2009 has won a final accolade – this time, at our internal achievement awards ceremony, where … Continue reading

Youth Parliament Elections campaign – a social media case study

Posted on by James

Later this week I’ll be attending a national awards ceremony, at which one of our campaigns has been nominated for an award. ** UPDATE – we won! ** Edinburgh’s 2009 … Continue reading

Creating a dynamite campaign

Posted on by James

Today I found myself in the opulent surroundings of Edinburgh’s Balmoral Hotel for a breakfast seminar, run by Precedent, on creating dynamite campaigns. The following are some of my notes. … Continue reading

2009 on the web – some retrospectives

Posted on by James

As we glide gracefully out of the noughties, here are some of the best retrospectives of the past year on the web.

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