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Confessions of a Better connected reviewer

Posted on by James

Last summer I joined the team responsible for conducting the annual Better connected survey of local gov websites, published today. Find out how I got on. Continue reading

5 cookie consent plug-ins for WordPress

Posted on by James

A review of the accessibility and usability of some of the WordPress plug-ins that allow sites to gain consent for the use of cookies, in accordance with EU directives. Continue reading

Could the EU cookie law be harming web accessibility?

Posted on by James

The EU’s Privacy and Communications Directive came into force last May, and was arguably so complex to implement that UK organisations were given a year to work out how to comply. As organisations start to implement their various solutions, I take a look at the potential accessibility and usability issues. Continue reading

The Cookie Monster strikes again

Posted on by James

Please note the title of this article is just a bad pun, and not a reference to the cookiemonster exploit attack. Many Scottish authorities are in the process of transferring … Continue reading

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