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2nd draft of Web Accessibility code of practice

Posted on by James

Yesterday I had a message from Jonathan Hassell, Head of Usability and Accessibility at the BBC, to let me know about the 2nd draft of the much publicised BS8878 British … Continue reading

Online surveys – top 10 assumptions to avoid

Posted on by James

When considering some of the recent online surveys that I’ve seen or been involved in setting up, I’m reminded of the saying: Never assume. It makes an ass of u … Continue reading – a youth participation project

Posted on by James

Earlier today I went along to the e-Science Institute in Edinburgh to attend the launch of a new project aimed at getting young people talking about policies and laws which … Continue reading

Hard lessons in social media: Online polls

Posted on by James

I’ve just updated my list of social media lessons learned the hard way with details of an online poll which appears to have backfired. In summary, part of a multi-million … Continue reading

Slippery deadlines not good for business

Posted on by James

I’ve had cause to think about this subject recently when we had a bit of a palaver over the public deadline for our online school enrolment forms. Released in mid-November, … Continue reading

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