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YouTube’s caption tools – still hit and miss

Posted on by James

I’ve been spending some time on YouTube recently, as we’re hosting a number of videos on the platform for a campaign we’re running to recruit foster carers. Obviously we wanted … Continue reading

The long way round

Posted on by James

This post has been written for Blogging Against Disablism Day 2010. I recently bought a new phone. It’s great, but like most smartphones it’s taking a bit of time to … Continue reading

Auto-captioning on YouTube

Posted on by James

Just a quick post to point out a very interesting post over at the official Google Blog, where they’ve announced that automatic captioning is coming to YouTube. This is really … Continue reading

Captioning BSL videos

Posted on by James

Some of you will know about my project to get British Sign Language content on our corporate website. For the background to this, see the original business case and my … Continue reading

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