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Originally posted over on the Edinburgh Social Media Surgery blog.

BeakerFollowing a conversation with fellow surgeons Leah and Kenny at last night’s Social Media Surgery, we have decided to launch the EDSMS Test Lab.

The Lab will essentially be a virtual group for surgeons to try out new social media sites, platforms, apps etc – testing them with each other in a safe, controlled environment and sharing their experiences. It aims to solve the problem that many of us want to keep up to speed with trending platforms (like the mildly infamous Snapchat) but don’t have an existing network of friends or colleagues on there to truly test and get to know them.

Think of it as a bit like a book club, but instead of reading books, we’ll be sending each other goofy photos and messages – all in the name of science!

Of course, the serious point is that this will help us as Social Media Surgeons to more easily answer potential questions about these platforms, having had first-hand experience of how they work. And hopefully we can blog about our experiences here too.

So, who wants in? We’ll be doing Snapchat first, probably for a fortnight. Leave a comment on this page or tweet me @prettysimple to sign up for the Lab. We’ll limit it to our Surgeons to start with – if you’re not yet a Surgeon, why not pop along to our next session and help out?

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