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Some of you will recall my post earlier in the year, about getting Social Media Surgeries going again in Edinburgh. Well, we’ve finally got a date in the diary for potential surgeons to come along and see what’s involved.

A social media surgery is an informal gathering of people who want to learn how to use the web to communicate, campaign or collaborate. Surgeries are deliberately relaxed. No presentations, no jargon, noone telling people what they think they should know.

You can read more about how they work, and also see my report from a surgery I attended last year.

Social Media Surgery in Edinburgh

One of last year’s surgeries in progress. Photo courtesy of Tom Allan

Could you be a surgeon?

A surgeon is someone who knows enough about using social media to help someone else. Some surgeons have spent years understanding the internet. Others started learning a few months ago but want to share what they know with other community groups and active citizens.

If you think that describes you, pop along to meet other potential volunteers and find out more.

We are meeting at Spoon Cafe, Edinburgh, from 4pm on Monday 10 December. We’ve got a table booked under the name “James” and I’ll try to print off a nice poster or something so that you can easily spot us! If you’re planning to come, it would be great if you could leave a reply here or contact me through Twitter, but it’s not mandatory.

Note that this event won’t be a Social Media Surgery itself! Rather, it’s a chance for potential surgeons to come and find out more. We’ll hopefully be starting the real surgeries up again in early 2013.

I hope to see you there!

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