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Tea cups

Photo © Spoon

The next #TeaCampScotland is taking place this Thursday at Spoon Cafe, Nicholson Street, Edinburgh, from 4pm.

Teacamps are informal gatherings for digital people who work in and around government, and also outside of government, to chat over a cup of tea (or other beverage of your choice).

Previous meetups brought together enthusiastic people, great chat and some refreshing brews. You can look back at the tweets from the inaugural meeting on 17 May and the second on 14 June (lovingly Storified by @lelil).


I’m planning to capture a few vox pops from attendees on the night. Don’t worry, it won’t be mandatory. But if you do fancy contributing, here’s the kind of questions I’ll be asking:

  • Why did you attend TeaCampScotland today?
  • What have you learned?
  • Why should others come along?

See you there!

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One Response to TeaCampScotland, Edinburgh, Thursday 12 July

  1. James says:

    Thanks to everyone who came along – a few new faces and some great chat. We didn’t have a chance to film this time round but look out for it next time!

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