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I’m trialling a monthly digest of all the interesting accessibility stories I’ve come across recently. Just a few stories to kick off, but I hope people find it useful. If so, leave a comment to let me know and I’ll endeavour to keep it going.

Reducing the impact of changing your website

Major changes to a website can confuse and disorient users – especially those with certain disabilities. Makayla Lewis has some useful advice for anyone planning to make changes to their website, to help reduce this.

Kimberly Tew blogs about Makayla’s 5 step plan to managing the change, and you can also watch Makayla presenting her advice at #allyLDNmeetup below. For more on Makayla’s research. visit

Designing mobile apps for inclusion and assistance

Mobile apps offer huge potential to improve and enhance accessibility for certain users, but can equally introduce new barriers. A new report by Dan Jellinek and Peter Abrahams outlines the key issues relating to mobile apps for older and disabled users.

Martin Sloan, from Scottish law firm Brodies, posted a useful piece in response, looking at where UK app developers stand in relation to accessibility and the Equality Act.

Accessibility Advocacy survey

The deadline for responses to the eAccess+ Survey of Accessibility Advocacy is Monday 30 April:

The purpose of this survey is to gain insight into the depth and breadth of work currently being undertaken by professionals involved in the creation and promotion of Accessible ICT, in order to better understand the challenges faced, where improvements are required and how best to facilitate and support these improvements.

Blogging Against Disablism Day 2012 – May 1st

Blogging Against Disablism logo

BADD 2012

Finally, a reminder that Tuesday is the 7th annual Blogging Against Disablism Day:

This is the day where all around the world, disabled and non-disabled people blog about their experiences, observations and thoughts about disability discrimination. In this way, we hope to raise awareness of inequality, promote equality and celebrate the progress we’ve made.

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2 Responses to Accessibility Digest – April 2012

  1. Gary Miller says:

    Don’t know how I missed this one James!

    Good information provided. The piece about Makayla’s advice is especially relevant as I’m going through a re-design process at the moment!

    Definitely worth doing on a monthly basis if you can.

    Cheers mate! :-)

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