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As a follow up to my post from way back in 2009 on Accessibility and social media, I’m now researching an article on the current state of social media accessibility, for the Global Initiative for Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies (G3ICT). I’m keen to hear from anyone who has recently encountered problems using social media sites due to accessibility issues  – in particular, barriers faced by users with disabilities or other special needs.

Simply leave a comment below or contact me via Twitter at @prettysimple. You’re welcome to remain anonymous, of course, but leaving contact details would enable me to follow up your comments and find out more about the problems you’ve had.

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3 Responses to Having accessibility issues with social media? Get in touch!

  1. Ian Watson says:

    Hi James
    We can send you several sad stories – along with some rather startling explanations – of how difficult it is is for many people in the pubic sector.


    • James says:

      Thanks Ian. I’m focussing on accessibility in terms of the ability for people with disabilities to use these sites. However, the wider issue of access is without doubt another major barrier to inclusion so it’s one I’m keen to hear about as well.

  2. I’ve just been diagnosed with early onset macular degeneration. My eyesight could stay as it is, or degenerate slowly or rapidy, no one can tell.
    I’m suddenly aware of the worst case scenario – not being able to read, not being able to drive, not being able to see people’s faces.
    This is what a lot of elderly people deal with daily and what, at the moment isn’t a huge issue for council websites/social media channels due to the demographic. However, my generation is used to doing business online and will expect to be able to in old age, no matter what disabilities we have.
    If my eyesight does get worse I’ll either be a champion for my council, which is also employer, or a thorn in its side.
    I will also probably be blogging about this for as long as I can use WordPress so I’m interested in anything your research throws up.

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