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I headed up to Aberdeen yesterday for a Scottish Knowledge Management event organised by the Improvement Service. A poor mobile signal prevented me from my usual live-tweeting, but below are the headline messages I took from the day. Also see the Twitter Hashtag #skmn.

Dave Briggs (@davebriggs) told us that people scatter their knowledge in various places, as unconnected snippets, and the job of Knowledge Management (KM) is to connect up those snippets and present them in a meaningful way.

Lesley Thomson (@lelil) underlined the importance of conversation and reported on last year’s highly successful ScotGovCamp, inviting others to run similar events (also welcoming volunteers to organise ScotgovCamp11!).

Annie Robertson of Subsea 7 showed how a well-developed KM process can lead to a rich repository of ‘lessons learned’ which add huge value to large organisations, harnessing internal knowledge and overcoming geographical barriers.

Annette Thain from the NHS outlined their approach to KM and how they convert this into action to change lives in the real world.

Jamie Kirk (@jamie_kirk) from the Improvement Service showed how mobile browsing is the future and told us about his upcoming research project on mobile app usage in North America.

David Friel (@ISreporter) told us a bit about his job as reporter for the Improvement Service and asked us to consider the relationship between KM and comms.

Finally, Mike Mclean (@michaelJmclean) gave an update on the forthcoming Knowledge Hub, which is looking like it has huge potential.

Apologies to the speakers if I haven’t done you justice in these one-liners. Feel free to leave a comment to flesh things out!

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One Response to Scottish KM event in a nutshell

  1. Alex Stobart says:


    Great to see all these events are happening. Would it now be a step forward to take these to citizens maybe, and see what KM or social media means in practice for Members and rate-payers ?

    This has happened in London, Bristol, Coventry through Local by Social, and I think there is a plan by LGIS to invite Ingrid Koehler to Scotland.

    Or we can do it ourselves. It requires a leader to step up…..

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