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Fix The Web was last night featured on the BBC Radio 4 show, In Touch.

Léonie Watson, Director of Accessibility at Nomensa, reported on the idea behind the site and outlined the process for people to report problems that they encounter with website accessibility.

Fix The Web is a marvellous collaboration between people with disabilities and web accessibility volunteers. It’s so easy to report problems with websites to Fix The Web, and the volunteers take the worry out of contacting website owners yourself.

Léonie Watson

You can hear the show on the BBC iPlayer (UK only, available for a limited time)

Alternatively you can download and listen to the piece below:

Fix The Web radio feature (MP3, 5MB)

Reporting problems to Fix The Web

There are four ways to report a problem:

  1. Use the form on the Fix The Web website
  2. Email , putting the URL in the subject header and information about the problem in the body
  3. Tweet  “#fixtheweb #fail”; include the url and what the issue is
  4. Use the Fix The Web toolbar and click the red love-heart / Fix the Web button to open a form and report any websites as you surf on them!
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One Response to Fix The Web featured on BBC Radio 4

  1. Ben Millard says:

    The presenter to that show was really good. Set the scene very well and gave strong examples for this statement:

    “The internet is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.”

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