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Yesterday I had a message from Jonathan Hassell, Head of Usability and Accessibility at the BBC, to let me know about the 2nd draft of the much publicised BS8878 British Code of Practice on Web Accessibility. Rather than paraphrase Jonathan, I’ve just copied his message below:

As you may or may not know, the British Standards Institute have now published the 2nd draft of the BS8878 British Code of Practice on Web Accessibility.

Briefly, the standard is designed to be an end-to-end guide to helping web product (website, mobile site, IPTV site) owners ensure their products condier the needs of disabled and elderly people at all stage of the web production process, from initial requirements gathering, through selection of technologies and platforms, testing, launch and maintenance.

It’s a standard for web producers, project and product managers, who need to understand the process of how to create accessible web products, rather than how to create the technology, design and editorial of web products (which WCAG already does very well).

It will supercede the previous PAS-78 guidelines, updating them to include guidance on such topics as:

  • The Equality Act 2010
  • The relationship between inclusive design and user-personalised approaches to accessibility, including whether to provide additional accessibility provisions
  • Creating accessible web products for computer, mobile and IPTV platforms
  • How to procure accessible web products
  • How to assure a product’s accessibility throughout the production process, including the value and costs of different forms of accessibility testing
  • Dealing with feedback and complaints on accessibility from users

The standard is a guide to the use of the different accessibility guidelines out there (bringing together references to the work of WAI-WCAG and WAI-AGE, as well as others), rather than replacing or replicating those existing guidelines.

This Draft for Public Consultation is a chance for people to tell us whether our drafting committee have got the content and style of the standard right and both given them an idea of the breadth of the parts of their production process that accessibility issues impact, and also demystified accessibility so they feel confident they know how to proceed.

DPC BS 8878 can be viewed at until 30 June 2010.

Jonathan Hassell

I certainly aim to pop along and comment, and I’d urge others to as well.

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  1. Ben Millard says:

    Thanks for reporting these events, James. I had no idea this work was still underway!

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