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Virtual BackpackLast week I met with the company behind Virtual Backpack – a new service which offers safe, secure online storage of vital info such as passport details, national insurance numbers and medical history.

“Virtual Backpack is a stroke of genius…”

John Bird, founder of the Big Issue

The service is aimed at young homeless and vulnerable people, who run a high risk of losing such details (for example, due to theft or loss), although it could easily have wider applications. The service allows quick and easy access to these details, and also offers a platform for recording other personal details, previous addresses, work experience and useful contacts. Through integration with Microsoft’s Live Services, users can also access email, photo and document storage facilities.

“Virtual Backpack is a safe and secure place to store vital information and is a huge asset for any young person facing homelessness”

Lord Mayor of Birmingham

The potential of such a service is obvious, and although I can see a few possible issues, it’s a great idea. The developers are now hoping that local authorities will pay a licence fee to get access for their citizens, although I’d be interested to see a more centralised approach given the potentially transient nature of some of the target audience. Either way, this is a product to watch out for.

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