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Today is CSS Naked Day.

The idea is simple – websites all over the world are stripping off their CSS for a day, leaving their sites naked and unstyled. If those sites have been designed well, according to web standards, the sites will still appear in logical order with all content perfectly accessible.

Checking a site with CSS turned off is a great way of detecting possible problems. Many assistive technologies ignore CSS, for example, so over-reliance on styling can lead to problems.

For example, imagine you use CSS to call up a background image. But then imagine that background image is actually an image of content (for example, when people put contact details on the background image of their Twitter page). Without CSS, you won’t see that image, but have you provided an alternative?

Website without CSS

The Pretty Simple website without CSS - less pretty, more simple

CSS Naked Day is a great way of flagging up the need for good web standards, and in that spirit I will be shedding my CSS over at (EDIT: CSS now back on – it was getting too cold!)

Some fellow CSS naturists

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