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I’m pleased to see that the final version of the COI’s Browser Testing Guidelines has been released. I was one of many people who commented on the draft version, and indeed my comments (relating to the need to be aware of upcoming mobile platforms, as well as the importance of designing to international web standards rather than pandering to individual browser behaviour) were incorporated.

I’m slightly disappointed because I was, at first, named as a contributor (or rather, my organisation was, and to my knowledge no-one else within my organisation had bothered to respond to the draft version). However, I had to ask for the credit to be removed as my views had not been part of an ‘official response’. A real missed opportunity for some kudos for my organisation, and a sad example of internal politics.

Anyway, check out the guidelines – there’s bound to be something of use to anyone testing sites, especially if you’re working in the public sector.

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